My wants are simple: a job that I like and a guy whom I love. Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed (via ahwahreh)

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If I had another heart I’d let you break that one too. Unknown (via perfect)

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even white people are sick of white people’s bullshit

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*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*

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do you know who’s cute? read the last word me

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u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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toast annoys me so much cos like it’s bread that’s been toasted so we call it “toast” but if you fry a potato it’s not called a “fry”


do you ever look back at your mistakes

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i am the world’s best dragon slayer. you ever seen a dragon round here? no? you’re welcome.

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sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I was just watching 7 seasons and 32 episodes of this new show I found

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I’m literally my own best friend like I have inside jokes with myself and sometimes I’ll think something funny and start laughing out loud at how funny I am

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